Come Home to the Belvedere

The Porch and the Balcony & the Garden

We have two fabulous porches – north and east facing. On the north porch, there are comfortable chairs for lounging, reading, talking, watching the world go by or waving to strangers. Ceiling fans keep a cool breeze flowing. You may smoke on this porch. Ashtrays are provided as is bug spray – all located under the lid of the little yellow, hand-painted bench. This porch is available for wine in the evening or if you think it is wine o’clock earlier, you can sip there any time after 10am.

The east porch will become the eating porch, on special occasions. The east porch will be open for special events by July of 2017, where we will also be able to cook out.

We have one fabulous balcony that is accessible from the 2nd floor walk-out window at the north end of the hall. When that balcony is completed, you may go out on there to sit and relax. Chairs and tables will be there for you to enjoy. It will be hot during the afternoon so morning might be the better sitting bet! Coffee anyone??? The balcony should be ready for seating by 2019

The garden and the yard are under construction and will be finished sometime during the spring/summer of 2019 unless we can get it done sooner. We had to tear up the yard in order to put on the east porch and add drainage tiles. Then in 2018 we had to tear it up again to put on the rear porch of the house next door. We envision a private courtyard under the Maple Tree with gardens and greenery surrounding the courtyard. In keeping with the 1859 birth date of the house, the walkways for the courtyard will be made from brick and stone. A small private vegetable garden will be sited on the southeastern portion of the side yard eventually. Our goal is to use fresh herbs (we have them now) and vegetables in our daily breakfast menu. We can’t wait to finish the yard. It will be a lovely addition to our already beautiful home.

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