Come Home to the Belvedere

The Porches & the Gardens

Come sit and relax awhile!! We have one fabulous sitting porch waiting for you. The front porch has comfortable chairs for lounging, reading, talking, drinking or waving to strangers. Ceiling fans keep a cool breeze flowing. You may smoke on this porch. You can find ashtrays ( bug spray too) under the lid of the yellow, hand-painted bench. Early morning coffee will delight you. This porch is available for wine in the evening. If you think it is wine o’clock earlier, you can sip any time.

The Real Front Porch

The Front Porch by Patricia Garey

The east, or side porch is Bob’s porch! We rarely have a private moment so we take what we can get, there. It may become the breakfast porch if the weather permits. It also may be open for special events and where we can cook out.

The Pavilion & gardens

We have finally completed our landscaping of the garden and the yard!!! Yea us!! We have used native plants as much as possible – wild hydrangeas, chokeberry, nine-bark, wild ginger and lobelia and sedge. I also planted a ton of tulips and daffodils! I can’t wait for spring to see the blooms come alive!! (I know – too many exclamation marks…but, what else is there when you’re excited??)
There are two areas to the yard. On the lower patio, there is a private courtyard under the Maple Tree with gardens and greenery surrounding. On the upper patio, there is a marvelous pavilion – a pergola with a roof -with comfy chairs and tables and lighting and a fan – go sit there and sip a cold one or order take-out and have dinner! In keeping with the 1859 birth date of the house, the walkways for the courtyard are made of bluestone while the lower patio has been created with enormous white/beige local limestones. They look like they have always been there and believe me, they will be from now until the end of time.

Breakfast in the garden!

In the garden

Your morning flowers!

This year we finished the little back porch attached to Scoundrel’s – it’s a small slice of peace and tranquility.

POSTSCRIPT: The yard was exceptionally beautiful until Gus came – he has torn it up a bit and now we are reassessing the future of the garden. We still think it is fantastic…it simply has a few tears in it. So, be understanding if it doesn’t look like it just came out of House Beautiful! We are still thrilled with the lovely addition the garden makes to our beautiful inn. We hope you will enjoy it!!