Come Home to the Belvedere

Food, Glorious Food

Fresh Food, Every Time


Seven days a week we make a fabulous breakfast for our guests. Nothing comes from a box or a can. Everything is homemade. In season, we get fresh fruits & vegetables from Terripin Farms CSA, which stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It’s the closest thing to farm to table as you can get in Northeast Missouri.

Community Supported Agriculture is a way for small farms to secure the funds to grow crops for the upcoming season. CSA members help pay the funds to grow the crop and in return, they receive a “share of the harvest” at a significant discount. So each week for 17 weeks we get a huge variety of fresh produce such as: new & sweet potatoes, green beans, tomatoes, cantaloupe & watermelon, sweet, green and hot peppers, eggplant, sweet corn, kale, acorn & butternut & yellow squash, onions, cucumbers, zucchini, beets, spring onions, lettuce, radish, swiss chard, and broccoli.


Blueberry Popovers

We alternate serving a sweet breakfast with a savory one so guests get to experience a variety of taste treat sensations.

Breakfast includes fresh seasonal fruits, breads – more often than not homemade or English muffins (toaster provided) and homemade pastries. Spreads include cream cheese and butter. We also have an array of homemade Jams and nut butters. We usually serve a variety of baked egg dishes with a vegetable such as spinach, kale, broccoli, mushrooms, asparagus, or sweet potatoes. These are usually sprinkled with any number of cheeses – cheddar, blue, goat, Italian. Bacon, turkey bacon, ham, sausage, chicken sausage or kielbasa are normally served on the side.

Our Inn serves homemade granola as well as a small assortment of cold cereal. We also have dried fruits and nuts (apricots, prunes, cherries, pecans from my cousin in Texas, walnuts, and cranberries) to top off your cereal or yogurt and granola. We serve Greek yogurt without sugar.

We grind our own Starbucks French Roast coffee each morning. It is strong. If you want a milder roast please let us know. There is a limited selection of decaf coffee and hot chocolate. We now have large assortment of teas, (black, green, decaf, herbal & assorted other varieties), thanks to my friend Georgia who told me my tea selection …well, sucked. So I caved and spent $100 on tea and bought an electric kettle to boot. So tea up!  Milk, half & half and juice, are also served. 

Pear Clafoutis


Breakfast is normally held at 9am. If you need to eat earlier or later we will try to accommodate you. We need at least one day in advance so we can take care of your request. During high tourist season, I may not be able to gratify your request. 

We eat family style at the dining room table. You will be eating with strangers but then, that is the fun part of staying at a traditional B & B!! You are welcome to take dishes to your room or out on the front porch, but room service is not available.

If you are lactose intolerant or require a gluten free breakfast or don’t eat pork or beef or eggs or are allergic to any food or spice please let me know in advance. I will do everything to make certain you have a wonderful meal. There is a little notation on the reservations page for just such info. Fair warning…I am not a short-order cook so unless you want to eat pretend breakfast please let me know in advance of your dietary needs or I may not be able to handle your request.

On weekends (Saturday and Sunday) the menu includes specials like baked French toast or chocolate waffles, Dutch Apple Betty, or the most yummy muffins or coffee cakes imaginable!! We frequently serve Mimosas or Bloody Mary’s on the weekends as well. I especially like weekends!!

We look forward to seeing you at breakfast!